Friday, April 29, 2011

Ipad 2 Madness--Bersiaran di Subang Parade!

Hi everybody!
Lama kan tak tulis blog! Anyway, I took these photos today at 1015 am .Here's a preview of what international Apple fans can expect for the iPad 2 launch today. The iPad 2 went on sale in Malaysia about an hour ago as I write this.
Urm, ramainya org nak beli Ipad2 ..ME? Err..perlu ke Ipad2?Huhuhu.
Tapi aper pon ada la jugak 'agak2 terjebak' nak beratur panjang sbb nak beli Ipad2 tapi tiba2 muhasabah diri skejap, terus tak jadi.Well done Fad! Who knows, Ipad3 ke kan:p

But anyways, I did some interview with one of the customer who already bought her Ipad2.
" Kakak, best tak Ipad2?"
" BEST giller! Hey cepatla queue! Nanti tak dapat!"
"Err..I dont think I need one la Kakak.."
" Saper cakap? Everybody needs to have one! It's a must!HAHHAH"
REALLY? I wish I have tons of money which I can buy what ever I want , without feeling guilty later.
" What time u ada sini?"
" 6am"

and she smiled to me.
Giller, 6am kat subang parade?wooow!

All said, they only had 50 units for sale.Store employees wouldn't divulge exactly how many units they had ("very limited" was all they could tell everybody). ERM, some people willing to do anything just to be the FIRST ONE to buy the Ipad2. Satisfaction, happiness or it's just a trend ? Just because your friend or BFF has an Ipad2, doesnt mean that you need to have one? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

More on my Kazim later!

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haneejane said...

So true! Cikgu sekolah rendah mcm I ni rasanya tak perlukan Ipad pon. Hehe..but for others, they might need it. takpe tak beli tapi ok je kalau dpt as free gift kan!