Thursday, October 6, 2011

My son is a Superhero !

My superheroes!
Dear readers,
Hi again!The birthday party was AWESOME! The party mak aii..BEST GILLER!I was so amused by it! Special thanks to Liza and family for having us. Kazim enjoyed the whole party so much. When Liza mentioned about the theme:SUPERHERO and children were invited to attend in the guise of their favorite CHARACTERS.I was super excited!..It was so cute that all of the kids were in their respective costumes and me with baju kurung, almaklumla hari raya kan.BTW, If your kids are anything like mine and love to play dress up year round, check out Costume N Parties, we rented our Superman outfit from their shop!

Anyways, what Kazim likes most?


taklih duk diam!

Anita, yours truly, Liza,Foxyfarah

I doakan you dapat aura baby cepat2 k:-)

All of the kids (and parents had a blast) If you are looking for a fun themed party you can’t go wrong with a Super Hero Party! And Liza, you've done a great job! Bravo!


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