Thursday, October 6, 2011

My son is a Superhero !

My superheroes!
Dear readers,
Hi again!The birthday party was AWESOME! The party mak aii..BEST GILLER!I was so amused by it! Special thanks to Liza and family for having us. Kazim enjoyed the whole party so much. When Liza mentioned about the theme:SUPERHERO and children were invited to attend in the guise of their favorite CHARACTERS.I was super excited!..It was so cute that all of the kids were in their respective costumes and me with baju kurung, almaklumla hari raya kan.BTW, If your kids are anything like mine and love to play dress up year round, check out Costume N Parties, we rented our Superman outfit from their shop!

Anyways, what Kazim likes most?


taklih duk diam!

Anita, yours truly, Liza,Foxyfarah

I doakan you dapat aura baby cepat2 k:-)

All of the kids (and parents had a blast) If you are looking for a fun themed party you can’t go wrong with a Super Hero Party! And Liza, you've done a great job! Bravo!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Raya lagi dan lagi dan lagi........dan ..dan...

As promised, here are the photos at Dada's place and Kak Niza's house... Nothing much nak ckp sbb food mmg sedap-sedap belaka!and tahu2 jela raya kan..aper sgtla topic..kalau tak..makan..makan dan makan!
Aima,Dada,yours truly
Best buddies For Lifetime!

My fav boy..

Final house of the day-Kak Niza. Penat tp seronok!Kak Niza is my bff's sister actually.Kami dah mcm family pon:-)any their family occasions..usually Ill be there too.Hehehh..kaki menempel je.

my bakal menantu..nayli...oopssss D, kidding ! Jgn marah aaaa~

My god daughter: Qaseh Ixora
Owhh..SELAMAT HARI RAYA!( oops I couldnt remember either D or Diella yang nak pose mcm ni:) I like it so much!
Happy family!Requested by D's maid..heheh nak hantar ke Seberang ke tu..?...*wink*

all in all, I really had so much fun!! From open house to birthday party..mmg sgt penat! Ohh, next post Ill blog about Umar's Birthday Party..


HELLOOOOO!Kembali bersiaran!

Hi everybody!
I took a longggggggggggggggggggggggg break from blogging and I had enough already! Now..Im back again..yayyyyy for me! Ok let s start with my raya photos k.OOpsss we were so bz and also forgot to snap any photos on 1st Syawal.Boleh tak?DEmmit, blame myself!Anyways, here are the photos..masa beraya di mana2 sahaja and Ayra's 1st Birthday Party at Anis' place..
Ayra's 1st Birthday:

I kinda like this photos, Kazim is looking at the camera! Yippieee~
Raya and Yaya's birthday Celebration at Yaya's house.
Next, we both went to Yaya's house..hmm too bad, satu gambar ngn Yaya pon takda!
I hope u like your birthday gift! Takda gambar mak-mak pon..gambar anak ngn anak pon jadila kannn...
adorable kannnn!
Next...Raya at Suzie's place.

..met Byzura there...and I cant believe I dont have any photos with Suzie! Uwaaaaaaaaaaa except..our buka puasa photo! And Bai..rambut u still panjang la masa ni! Lovely!Owhhh, tp apeng ada amik gambar ngn tuan rumah aka Suzie's husband, akbar. Nice!

Oklah that's all thanks for having us! Kenyang perut kami..semua sedap2...nanti I put other photos kat post yang lain, kang panjang berjela pening nak tgk! Daaaaa

Have a nice day!