Tuesday, August 3, 2010

9 months

Dear friends,
18 months ago,
2 straight pink lines.
Hooraaaaaay Im pregnant!
A mix of excitement and terror washed over me.
Mestila takut.Our body undergo vast changes while emotions ntah aper2,sampai la pk our ability to become parent.Fuhhh~
Can I handle it?
Am I ready?
Muda lagi ni.. nak ada anak ke?( Ok..this one lousy..hahahha..tp dolu2 tak sedar diri kann..so rasa MUDA jer memanjang!)

But you know what?
Takda maknanya nak menunggu sampai bila2!
Truth is,parenting does come naturally to me, furthemore Apeng/Aman is a great dad( he would be a great Mom if he is a woman!)

So, here goes those important NINE MONTHS in my life:-

2 months

3 months
The day that I feel first flutterings of life inside me.
4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months
8 months

9 months

I've been quite busy due to ohh tidakkkk..mcm2!!!Our internet buat hal, bla bla bla....Kazim was ill with a viral infection virus of some sort, hence the silence recently.
But anyways,I really need to blog about this.
This is so important to us , yelah, Kazim 9 bulan dalam rahimku, jadi angka tu sgtla bermakna!I've now officially had him in my arms for as long as I had him in my womb.Oh my..time flies so fast! During the second months of pregnancy, I knew I was having a boy, despite never really quite getting a definitive look during our ultrasounds. I dreamed of a baby boy mere days after the positive pregnancy test.Akhirnya...yerr mmg betul baby boy.Mom's instinct..kot.

Guess what?I got excited when Kazim started saying "dada," but then, I realized the lesson of so many parents before me that "dada" means so many things. But hey, whenever he sees Apeng, he started to say Dada Dada Dada...*ok im so excited!*
Now,he crawls around on the floor a lot. He started testing his boundaries with crawling and pulling himself up to stand, and yerps, he has bumped his head quite a few time..err. almost everyday sebenarnya!
But it just can’t be helped because he keeps trying to stand up, but obviously his legs are still wobbly so he ends up falling down.Pastu waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ ..kuat sgt!
"Kesian Kazim..takper2 usaha tangga kejayaan!"
sigh.As usual..enjoy~
My new hobby- I love taking photos of him sleeping

whenever he is awake!
Nine months in, Nine Months out=
Hi people! Im Kazim and Im 9 months!

Im still sleepy Mom!

Now, his sleep patterns also change.Every time I tried to lay him down, Kazim cried.Masa ni rasa nak nangis pon ada sbb dia nak melekat jer pastu taknak tdo cot.I had to pick him up and put him down like...*tak terkira dah berapa kali!* but I never left him to "cry it out".. more than 10 mins.Payah nyer nak sleep training kan.Tp dalam hati mmg tak boleh la dia tdo atas katil kami sbb dia bangun terus merangkak, kang tup2 jatuh katil malam2.Dahla I ni tdo mati.
So bila training sgtla penat dan menggeramkan!

Tapikan, bila geram tu..selalu la kata kt diri sendiri;Kazim grows too quickly,soon he’ll be walking and without warning he’d be a teenager and then going to uni and getting married and stuff .And at that time, he doesn't want to sleep with his mom anymore!!!
So what's the big deal about sharing bed??Kan kan???Masa dia kecik la kita nak enjoy our special moments in the night with our baby who needs to be held and nursed kan.Nanti one day mesti kita miss benda2 mcm ni.
Ohh well..tiba2 I miss bau "newborn"! Best sgt2!
OK..sounds mcm makcik2 again kan? Hahha I cant help it!
Oklah, time to stop!Will blog again.



fieza said...

Wahh.. happy birthday Kazim!

Btw, Kazim nampak kurus... Adakah sebab dah start merangkak?

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

awwwww. i tgk pix u n diah. baru pahsan. masa u 6 or 7 months tu la u dtg visit i yg tgh pantang. and i missed diah's wedding too! hehe.

time flies so quickly skang! kazim pun dah 9 months! awwwww.. x sabar tunggu adzryl n kazim main kejar2. hahaha.

take care darling! love u both! and ohh, happy 9 months birthday kazim! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi mama kazim, i tot lil boy bakal dpt adik lg ;)


haneem said...

itulah celoteh seorang mommy..i understand as i feel the same..miss my baby when he was still small..hihi

senioritasara said...

kazim makin2 handsome.....

atulhani said...

mula2 baca kat blogger update, i thought after kazim 9 month you pregnant lagi hehehhee.. btw, both of you are great parent to kazim ;)

Lea Shmea said...

kak fadd, i noticed u referred to kazim as 'her' quite a lot. hehehe. lps ni baby girl pulak la k! :)

mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

when i first swa the pregnancy strip pictrue, tot u nk bgtau new u preggie lagi!!

jetsetter said...

What a shammmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ ahahah thanks dearrr! haku ni apsal ehh suka suki jer kannn Thankssssssssss sgt2!

Yg ni pon tak terjaga OK!

salzahari said...

nanti kan bila u nak dpt 2nd/ aidk for him..nanti u rasa kesian dgn dia sbb rasa dia masih perlu dimanjai tp at same time,the family must extend! kena ada tmbh ahli..huhhu..syahdu jg

Suzie said...

fadd even u're at 9 months tp ur face shape cantik je...i mean tak kembang,suka tgk n plus ur pointy chin...owhhhh so jeles! :)

Dr.Senbe said...

kehkeh gmbr last tu
kcik2 dh pndai snyum cmtu ;D