Monday, December 6, 2010

Our princess turns 2

Hi everybody!
Saturday, 9th November was our niece's birthday party. We celebrated it at Critter Land, Seri Kembangan.It was a fancy dress costume party. I love costume party because...(OK I need a reason to wear those weird bajuan and I need a place where I can dress in an unusual costume and have fun) Come on, bila lagi nak melaram mcm ni kan?

But anyways,a day before the event, we went to several places to find our baju. My husband was undecided ..nak jd Spartan ke batman ke..superman ke orang minyak ke :p.... :-) Cari sana sini..sampai ke Abrakadabra..tup2 kami beli je kat balloon buzz.Habis cerita.If anyone want to rent a costume, you may drop by at Century Fiesta, Hartamas or Abrakadabra, Puchong. They have an enormous collection of costumes ranging from.....biasa2 to elegant to outrogeous futuristic .

My sister in law decided to celebrate Zahra's birthday in a small group which means it is strictly for established selection of peoples.Reason? She wants the party to be memorableand exclusive. So who's the guest?Hmm..let see...
The host :-)
Miss belly dancer and Mr.Dracula.
Mr.Dracula: Im thirsty..I want blood!
Miss belly dancer : Not now Mr. Dracula. Wait until post party will ya.

Mr Bean and..err wife? OK..this is funny because as I remember, Mr.Bean is a single guy!:p
The beautiful Cleopatra and her loyal husband ,King Apeng.
YES We ARE THE Egyptians!

Miss belly dancer managed to persuade Catwoman to show up and notch up the hotness level. This sexy meow is one of my favourite! Purrr.....and many more.

I'm so full from eating that meehun,macaroni and etc, nevertheless I'll still manage to find room to eat this piece of cake!

It is widely believe that Egyptian loves cat. This might be the owner of the sexy Catwoman. :)
For Cleopatra, too much American Next Top Model :p
This is Cleopatra when she is mad.Dont you dare to run away from me!Come here little kitty!

Kazim was sleeping through out the birthday party. But, as soon as he opens his eyes his imaginative and playful mind shift to overdrive. He had so much fun in the balls pond.

Cleopatra, where do u keep Catwoman? I want to smooch her. Mmuahh...

We really enjoy playing dress up and had so much fun. Everybody that attends was really sporting and put in extra effort to search for the costume. Kudos to the organiser for a successful party. We really had a blast!!!



LEENEEL said...

Kalau kurus sikit mesti comel. Muehehe. Meh muntah darah!

dialicious said...

leen sgt comellll!and u pun sama..gamba pun kelaka2 comel..very entertaining!

Dr.Senbe said...

lol kiut gle kazim

NHCH said...

fadh, kat mana u cari costume cleopatra tu? ada dinner next week, theme : arabian night - pening nak cari baju apa. and 1 more thing, i'm currently 9 weeks pregnant... eheheheh