Monday, December 27, 2010

hello semua! it's me again :-)

Hi everybody!
How's ur weekend? Mine was great. Balik Yong Peng, pergi rumah Apeng's sister kat Segamat, pergi wedding Baya, semalam tgk bola and not to forget had fun chit-chat with beautiful girlfriends. They are a beautiful peoples inside and out. Last night me and my girlfriends were talking about current issues.. one of the issues that crop up is "wearing hijab". A few days earlier, I read an article at Sisters In Islam (SIS) website regarding this matter. After reading and digesting it, I reserve my comment and let you decide by yourselves. Anyway, here's my conversation with the girls.

Mrs X : Bila I pakai tudung, I x nak pakai baju yg ketat and sendat2.

Mrs Y : Ye la. Pempuan yg pakai tudung pun ada gak perangai yg x senonoh. Baik x payah
pakai tudung camtu.

Me : What do u mean by tak payah pakai tudung? U mean, we can do anything ke
kalau tak pakai tudung. Mcm "tiket" boleh buat apa2 je ke? Err.. rasanya bukan sbb
org tu pakai tudung.. itu diri dia.. I hate those yg suka judge appearance org. Tak
pakai tudung jahat, pakai tudung baik or vice versa.

Mrs Y : Bukan la.. tp kalau pakai tudung and perangai cantik.. kan lg elok kan?

Me : Hello.. we are human! Human make mistakes.. no one is perfect! I dont like when ppl
point to me like.. "err u tak pakai tudung.. takperlah itu ini" Oh well.. I'm a muslim.. I
still have my limit.. takkan tak pakai tudung we can do EVERYTHING?
No.. no... we are Muslim.. we need to obey Allah.. NO EXCUSE.

Mrs X : No I mean, I dont want to be like some girls.. yang dah pakai pastu bukak pastu
pakai.. ader hari nk pakai.. pakai.. ader hari tak nak pakai.. tak pakai. Gi overseas bukak tudung, gi office pakai tudung..

Me : Arent we the same? We wear hijab during school times, and after that we tak
pakai..? My personal opinion, at least they are willing to wear hijab! Tak kesah la
kejap ke tak.. overseas ke malaysia ke... the point is.. they pakai la jugak.. tak mcm
kita ni.. tak pakai langsung!

Mrs Y : a'ahh kan... hmm bila la agaknya nk sampai seru :p

Me : Let me be honest.. hijab is a must/wajib.. so no question about it kan? Bila tak
pakai.. we choose not to wear.. not because seru tak sampai ke aper.. we knew it is err.. KITA YANG TAKNAK :p

Mrs X : a'ahh kan... btol gak tu.. antara nak ngn tak nak je kan.

Mrs Y : I've seen so many people who don't wear hijab and are nice people, and so many who wear hijab and are bad people.

We smiled to each other then.

Me and Mrs X: hahahha.. no no.. it just what ppl think only.. sbb yg pakai tudung tu senang u nak point.. kalau yg sexy tu, u nak point cam org tak heran.

But that again is just my opinion and as always I know my opinion could be wrong. I know that saying this will probably hurt or make some of you who are reading .. geram or marah.. if anyone has been feeling offended with it, then I am sorry. It was not my intention. It is just my personal opinion.

In life there is a checklist in order to become 'solehah'. I take my hats off to all woman that wears tudung since they can already tick one item in the checklist,it also gives a message to others that you are proud of your faith as a muslim .Clap Clap..good job girls! As for me, its quite hard to describe and explain my predicament and situation. But, deep in my heart the urge to wear a tudung/hijab/headscart is always there. I'm praying that with guidance from Allah and support from my family and friends, the time will come soon enough. Amin...

Last but not least, please enjoy our photos at Sue's wedding and Hanim's bro reception at Dewan Felda :-)

Leen, you are so pretty!look good in red,huh!!
Bertuah saper dapat Leen kan..baik..pandai jaga budak,pandai layan anak2..ehem2

ermm..a mother of..4?5?6? errr..tak nampak mcm ader anak pon ! Kalau kata takda anak pon org percaya.Gosh, so proud of her!Amazing ok:-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tunggu OK

Hi everybody!
I wanted to blog about this pretty lady and her handsome son :-) ;Ryan's Birthday and Ryan's Post Party. ....TOO BAD..I cant upload other photos yet..I hope everything gonna be OK soon!

so..stay tuned for more!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Our princess turns 2

Hi everybody!
Saturday, 9th November was our niece's birthday party. We celebrated it at Critter Land, Seri Kembangan.It was a fancy dress costume party. I love costume party because...(OK I need a reason to wear those weird bajuan and I need a place where I can dress in an unusual costume and have fun) Come on, bila lagi nak melaram mcm ni kan?

But anyways,a day before the event, we went to several places to find our baju. My husband was undecided ..nak jd Spartan ke batman ke..superman ke orang minyak ke :p.... :-) Cari sana sini..sampai ke Abrakadabra..tup2 kami beli je kat balloon buzz.Habis cerita.If anyone want to rent a costume, you may drop by at Century Fiesta, Hartamas or Abrakadabra, Puchong. They have an enormous collection of costumes ranging from.....biasa2 to elegant to outrogeous futuristic .

My sister in law decided to celebrate Zahra's birthday in a small group which means it is strictly for established selection of peoples.Reason? She wants the party to be memorableand exclusive. So who's the guest?Hmm..let see...
The host :-)
Miss belly dancer and Mr.Dracula.
Mr.Dracula: Im thirsty..I want blood!
Miss belly dancer : Not now Mr. Dracula. Wait until post party will ya.

Mr Bean and..err wife? OK..this is funny because as I remember, Mr.Bean is a single guy!:p
The beautiful Cleopatra and her loyal husband ,King Apeng.
YES We ARE THE Egyptians!

Miss belly dancer managed to persuade Catwoman to show up and notch up the hotness level. This sexy meow is one of my favourite! Purrr.....and many more.

I'm so full from eating that meehun,macaroni and etc, nevertheless I'll still manage to find room to eat this piece of cake!

It is widely believe that Egyptian loves cat. This might be the owner of the sexy Catwoman. :)
For Cleopatra, too much American Next Top Model :p
This is Cleopatra when she is mad.Dont you dare to run away from me!Come here little kitty!

Kazim was sleeping through out the birthday party. But, as soon as he opens his eyes his imaginative and playful mind shift to overdrive. He had so much fun in the balls pond.

Cleopatra, where do u keep Catwoman? I want to smooch her. Mmuahh...

We really enjoy playing dress up and had so much fun. Everybody that attends was really sporting and put in extra effort to search for the costume. Kudos to the organiser for a successful party. We really had a blast!!!