Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nak waxing pls

Hi everybody!

Last month I followed my friend to do a waxing.Im not so sure which one ,Brazillian Wax or..ntahla..but one thing for sure they did the full bikini wax that leaves the "down- under area" bald. Err,I still wonder why they call it Brazillian Wax..???But anyways, I didnt try it yet since Im a scaredy cat.I cant tolerate the pain..bla bla bla...just hearing about it makes me go "ouch""euhhhh"..tttakutttttt!
You guys buat tak waxing ni?


"Kak Lin, sakit tak?"
"Mula2 sakit..ala sikit2 jer"
"hmm..ok I try armpit dulu lah camtu...ok?Kalau ok I try buat lain2 plak.."
"You first time?a first time waxer should know is that first and foremost make sure the hair is long enough. If you are a shaver, wait two weeks to allow enough growth for the waxing.."


So I went home.I didnt shave at all untill one day, my husband noticed my armpit pastu buat muka yg semacam:p, pastu cepat2 I ckp
"B, i nak wax I taklih shave"
still buat muka yg camm geli :p

So I always end up shaving again. :p so mcm mana nak gi waxing mcm ni????Urm, kalau mcm ni mmg takkan nak berwaxing la kan?Nak tunggu dia kerja lama, mmg takla sbb lepas ni dia sini2 jer kerja. Ayyoooooooo, kalau tak tutup kang terkeluar bulu ketiak..eeuuuooohhhh!
Baby, nak waxing plsssssssssss!

p.s: Mcm nak try Muse Salon kt Neo tu..thanks Nadiah!!!


Anonymous said...

haha..just explain to him la sis.he'll understand.bile lg nk try waxing kan?hehe

Mummy Zara Sofea said...

heheh..klakar la..

Anonymous said...

ive tried brazilian wax...sbb a friend push me to do so. sakit skit je...once abis, i bleh berlari ke parking lot (sbb dh lambat nk rush kena balik)..

mmg bes is more for hygiene purposes...rase bersih je!

pastu i nk buat lagi, tp preggie die tak kasi buat :(
oh tak sabar nk buat lagi yer

i buat kt Strip btw

Emmy said...

hahahahahha... ;p

Nadiah said...

Salam Fadd,

Here the Muse Salon contact number
Make appointment with Lean.
Closed every Monday.

Let him know - Nadia yg introduce Insya Allah, he will take a good care for you ;-)

dialicious said...

yeap brazillian wax mmg sakit but once u try u will want it again bcoz its very hygenic n ur skin will become softer n smoother.ur hair will only grow after 1 -2mths..i recommend Sommerset kt jln telawi..dorg sgt expert n since ur a first timer pls use the most expensive one supaya kurang sakit..for 1st timer u bole dpt 30% disc rasanya..i need to do also before goin into labour..hhehe

.small shoes. said...

HAHAHAH.. then let it grow at other area.

or.. how bout legs..? try waxing that part first.. easier n less pain!

che'Burn@che'Qis said...


che'Burn@che'Qis said...


Anonymous said...

fad, i just did my brazillain wax @ strip kat bangsar. memula je rasa sakit.lelama okay. go n try =)

.:anna @ mama irdina:.