Thursday, April 17, 2008


happy face
can u spot him?


Pasar Besar..where u can find all the KAINs-Manik-manik,Lace,Chiffon.

Yaaa..we were in angkutan

..and of course my handsome guy too!

Jco..yaa..they hav one in bandung mall

We went to Bandung no, you CANNOT find Mee Bandung in Bandung! Neither can you find Sirap Bandung there, too! ;) --- we went few mths ago.Why Bandung?According to my sist aka my Shopping Guru-Kak Fuz-Bandung was really a shopping paradise with so many factory outlets to let you shop till you drop.(i hope u geddit)

What I can endorse about this shopping paradise is the FOOD!!!!!!! Hands down the best inexpensive Sundanese food on planet Earth! I love that ayam penyet at Pakcik Met : highly recommending this place should anyone plan to go to Bandung.

It was our first Air Asia flight too. LCCT was a surprise to me. never thought that there would be livings around that bend of Sepang.I always asked myself-how exactly do passengers aboard the aircraft when it rains? Like, each of them have to take an umbrella and walk under the rain? Do you have any idea how far the plane is parked from the terminal?

URM.Enuff about LCCT.
We stayed in Arion Swiss Belhotel.It was a nice place,good service and very helpful staff.

Taken b4 the departure..

Our day started with breakfast-served by the hotel and acara jalan-jalan bermula . In the end, it's not the excitement of shopping that count but spending time with ur love one :)

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