Saturday, April 19, 2008

i refuse to be UNHAPPY

Is it really too much?Asking for happiness in life? I've made up my mind-to be with him,my happiness :-)

i'm sick of being last on your priority list.. i'm sick of being unimportant .. i'm sick of being on the "invisible" mode when you don't need me, and "available" when you do..

that's why i choose him

you want me all to yourself, yet i'm 'sharing' you.. you have excess baggage to carry - i dunno whether i can be just on the sideline- .. i just need someone who will always be there for me, not sometimes.. who will consider me as 1st priority,

that's y i choose him

this might sound too demanding but i want your attention, not partly, not inferiorly..

urmm..that's why i choose him
I refuse to be unhappy~I have to do something about it.. coz i really don't wanna be unhappy~

Yeaahh i choose happiness,thank you god for answering my prayer :-)

Ive made up my mind, how about u guys??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

jiwang alert! jiwang alert!!
hahaah =p
may u two live happily ever after..
(mcm faery tale la lakk =p)