Thursday, April 24, 2008

My so-called-maternal instincts

NOPE!Im not pregnant yet.I just got this weird feeling.The feeling that i cant describe and i dont even have all this while-maternal instincts.
But that's not the reason why im blogging today.The real reason- Someone is pregnant!
Just got word from down under that she is entering her 26 weeks of pregnancy and taking it really slow...her 4th child.(pls correct me if im wrong )
Let me introduce her as Mrs-you-know-who-you are( ohh she's my wonderful friend Hanim, my maid of honor). I have privilige of knowing her through my baby aka my lovey dovey husband. Mrs-You-know-who-you-are has been a tremendous inspiration to not only me but to a large number of parents out there.
( hey,she got triplets wokey)

She is a passionate advocate for everybody including her own 2 beautiful babies. I am proud to know her and to call her FRIEND.

To tell you the truth, I dont really fancy babies,kids or sewaktu dengannya.Not even my cousin,nephew,niece or anyone else.
I do love 'em but i have my limit.My baby-husband is someone that really into babies,kids..
Yup,today is my happy day.I am so excited and I cant wait to tell my husband about this, i guess im happier than the mummy-to-be.

This what happened-My darling friend smsed me this morning- she's 5 weeks pregnant !!big hug!

For someone who miscarriaged so many times, someone who almost gave up hope on having children, -- well -- God works in miracles.

I know of another couple friend of mine who are hoping & wishing for a child. I do pray God will answer their prayers.
Thanks Allah,for everything.
"Ya Tuhanku, berilah aku di sisi Engkau seorang anak yang baik.Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pendengar doa."
Surah Ali-Imran:38


mOmmy of Triplets said...

fadd tipu...die mmg ade maternal instict...pandai je jaga my babies, burp kn pun no prob. harith smpai xnk tido mlm biler auntie fadd dtg!

Anonymous said...

hahahh..k.fadd wat la quartet lak ke?