Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hey everybody! Thanks for the wishes.Appreaciate it so much! Anyway, before I proceed with my journey, let me share this first:

In the evening of 9 February 2009, we will be able to observe penumbral lunar eclipse from 8:39 p.m. to 00:38 a.m. In general, lunar eclipse occurs when Moon passes Earth’s shadow during full Moon.

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The Mrs-Bride said...

aiyohh dear.. i waited and thot there'll be an entry on 4th Feb! coz thot wanna wish u by then.. guess i terlepas!! erkk.. anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! tak besh with belated, so hope u don't mind..

love ya! mwahs.. :)

psttt.. i tatau laa bila nak jmp u! camnih, nnt bila i give birth.. u dtg visit i okehhh!! hihihi.. take care!