Monday, February 16, 2009

A day with family

Hi everybody,

What’s a party without great food? ...

Can you do me a favor?
Im gonna throw a small family gathering at our place on this coming weekend since we will moving into the house soon. Im thinking of reciting dua' ,mm.. maybe pool activities.. or etc etc

Hmm, our main purpose is to keep an extended family closer. Yes,you heard me, to reunite all the family members in one roof :) .In that case, we had invited our family to join us :-)

Extended family means parents, grandparents, in-laws or everybody that link to us. As for my mom, her "besan's family" also our family.Well, at least to us :-)
Furthermore, it would be kind enough when Ummi wanted to cook Nasi Dagang for us before she's leaving to Dubai.

It's gonna be fun!
So please, I need any other party food ideas.

I have few in mine tho. But, I just give a shot.
Who knows your idea much better than mine?

*big grin.



Shila said...

Mee goreng
Nasi tomato

Laila said...

Ape kata
Buat Spagethi?Or cater nasi ulam?Best.

The Mrs-Bride said...

cupcakes!!! :D

The Mrs-Bride said...

for side dishes, hmmm.. finger food!! sandwiches, etc.. :)