Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kazim is ONE!

Salam !
Kazim is ONE today :-)
From the moment I hear "it's a boy!"a special love blossoms in my heart, a new journey begins.Whether it is the experience that comes with time or an appreciation for the responsibilities of being a parent, I now realize how right it was.Kazim is so special to us.Special yg mcm mana? many things!Suddenly I realized that my life isn't only about me and apeng. Ada masa menggeramkan, ada masa kalau tinggal kejap pon kami dah rindu serindunya, ada masa kami sgt stress, ada masa kami tatau nak buat aper BUT most of the time, you are always make me happy!

And today, you stood on your own two feet, without help, walau kejap jer.... you ate the whole bowl of rice, you can pick up a small object by pincering your thumb and forefinger( though Mommy has to keep my eyes on you 24/7 cos you will end up putting all the stuffs in your mouth!) You can crawl and scoot around better than mommy ( sakit tau lutut bila nk kejar Kazim..), you already show a wide range of emotions, and I know you will always seek for mommy when you are sad, tired or for comfort ..kan?..
Today, I was reminded, delightfully, of where I was a year ago.

This past year has easily been the most exciting and rewarding of my life and I have you to thank for it.. Your Papa and I love you even more than we ever could have thought possible.
So, Mommy dan Papa dah booked satu clown the best in town!Clown ni special sikit sbb rambut tak mengerbang.
^"im not boasting Kazim..but im the original joker!"

Mommy Lagi! choice Kazim..Im your SUPERWOMAN!
I can be everything and anything.
Some more..jimat cost kan cos mommy doesnt have to hire anyone else!
Ok lah till next time!

Again and again
Happy 1st Birthday Kazim!

Much Loves,



Siti said...

Happy birthday Kazim..
** comelnyer clown tu**

n33za said...

clown tuh cun ok!hehe

fizamior said...

happy 1st birthday kazim cayang aunty!!!!!!!!

you only celebrate the 1st birthday once in a lifetime! so do enjoy this very special moment in your life ya!

hugs and kisses from aunty to u my dear!

Mummy Zara Sofea said...

Hpyy 1st bday KAZIM....

CuppyCakeMommy said...

kalau clown cun macam ni..i pun hire taw..heheh

happy befday kazim..

f.i.e.z.a said...

kazim comel sangat i wish i cld kiss his cheeks rite now.
happy bday budak kiut! :)

from auntie fieza

*she's s0 e!Ra* said...

Happy Birthday Kazim!

~LIZA~ said...

happy birthday kazim! :)

fatin said...

aaaaaaaaaawwww... happy birthday kazim!! muahxs!! muahxs!!
hahahahahha.. awesome!! heheh..
c ya this sunday! cant wait!!
demmit! i wish i can take leave on monday!

senioritasara said...

kazim, happy 1 year old! chomel. kejap je besar. first time i met u baru habis pantang...awwww...clown? u look like a hot barbie adalah

Nariko said...

hahhaha.. adoii.. mmg kazim no choice! nasib mummy cun.. happy bday kazim! muah from aunty azi n mya

~ZuE~ said...

happy bday kazim! :))

mommysofea said...

happy 1st besday kazim!
boleh kawan ngan sofea.hihi=)

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

hahahah finally!!!urs yellow!!hot hot!!!mine as usual pink!!!haaaaaaa fatin,me too cant wait for this sunday!hey fadd book la skali bilik-shanaz kata nak book jugak!kekeke

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

btw happy bday lil Kazim!!

cc said...

handsome boy,
happy 1st birthday!
semoga mbesar n jadi anak yg baik (sama mcm ur papa), panjang umur n murah rezeki...Amin.
i love u

lots of love,

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

kazim darling, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! from lil'newborn till now.. awk mmg comel lah!! hehehehe.

pssttt. u ni mmg clown tau!! woops! i mean. cute la tu pakai wig bagai. blondie gituuu! hikss.

kissy kazim for me! :)

Sue said...

happy birthday, kazim!!!

u r d lucky baby coz ur mummy is always around u 24/7.

*comelnye clown. hihi*

yaya said...

happy belated birthday kazim sayang, semoga jadi anak yang soleh dan beriman, hugs....

Mye said...

Heiya Fadd! I saw u 3 at McD Subang Parade yesterday. Segan plk nak tegur, but I think u saw me (carrying my daughter in a turquoise ring sling) ;)
Btw, Happy 1st Birthday Kazim!

Anonymous said...

dear kazim,sorry for this belated birthday wish.hehe..aunty hope kazim jd anak yg baik =).aminn..muahhxx!

NM02 said...

yup, my mom le makcik naimah tu. yu pernah urut ngan dia gak ker?