Thursday, October 21, 2010

selamat semua!

I wanted to blog about my trip to Johannesburg during last Ramadan unfortunately I cant upload any photos here yet..pfft~oh well..can you wait for it?
For the meantime, Kazim is now recovering from all the germs,alhamdulillah. Shoooshhhh all the germs..STAY AWAY FROM MY SON!For the last 5 days or since my son down with fever, I dont get my beauty sleep.I feel groggy, a bit slow and foggy due to the lack of sleep.sigh.

But yesterday, Leen came to my place and brought me a gift! Yes you heard me..A G.I.F.T!
I wish I can upload the photo but never mind Ill do it later:=) ..hmm ..something that WE girls love it and we put our stuffs in there..geddit what is it?..Naahh..dont worry Ill let you know later OK.
Now, I have to do some grocery shopping, so everybody..
let's go SHOPPING~
aahhh . women love shopping, dont we?



ZURAINA said...

Hi Fad...,

At last i found you babe.. R u still remember me.. wa shi zuraina.. Tinggal di Bukit Jelutong..
Ingat lagi tak

ZURAINA said...

Hi Fad.. At last i jumpe u.. U still remember me? Same2 belajar mandarin class @ UiTM..

sara ahmad said...

no more mummy's qalif aidan.. visit us at.. :