Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's go to..Lex Slide EMPIRE shopping mall!

Slide ticket

Salam Syawal!

Last Monday, after my husband finish his exam, he and a couple of his friends plan to hang out and unwind. He called me and ask us (yours truly + Kazim) to get ready by the time he reach home. They decided to meet at Chilli's in Empire.
When we arrived there, Mizan+Ayie+Mika and Fred was already there. We join Ayie at her table in the non smoking area. Since its already late noon we just ordered light snacks and bottomless juice. My husband then took his drinks and join the guys at the smoking section where he grab The Star newspaper and once in a while join in the conversation. A little while later, one of his batchmate turn up with his partner. He join the guys and his partner sit at our table. Since I understand that once in a while my husband needs a "Guy's Day Out", I told him to enjoy himself. Furthermore, i"ve got the girls and we can even have our own "Girl's Outing" at the same time :) . Hmmm, time to catch up and maybe hear the latest gossip ;-) .Gossip aper..next post ok.

Therefore, WE( Ayie, Me,Apeng, Jubain and Liza) decided to try out the new attraction Lex SLIDE! They claimed, they are the longest and tallest indoor tube slide in ..errr the WORLD!!.Careful guys.. it is really dangerous and outrageous, you will get panic attack if you dont listen to me! I started to scream bloody murder and I couldn't do anything else!!
HAHHAHAH..OK OK.... im kidding! It was so much fun! Takda aper pon! Tapi mula2 pon mmg la taknak..huhuhu tapi sbb semua try..jalan jerla. Nanti nak naik tu diorang akan suh kita duduk and baring atas "kain" mcm tu...pastu kaki masuk dlm kain tu punya pocket..pastu tangan kat dada dan kepala angkat sikit...BEST tapi ada sikit bumpy2...mcm main slide tp ni laju ..dlm 10 seconds dah sampai bawah.Gosh, we totally forgot to snap any photos there!

An admission fee of RM12 will be charge on adult, but we managed to pay only RM9( if you are a group of 5, you'll get cheaper!)

Finally, we had our dinner at Rakuzen..then aper lagi..balik tidur la..!!
A nice day with a wonderful friends!
Oklah sampai sini sahaja buat kali ini!



Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

whoaaa.. u tried that already? u're the 1st i know yg try menda tu okeh. caya lahhh! :D

Lea Shmea said...

best gilsss! nak naik jugak! will definitely try it out soon. hehe.

notti netti said...

Yup..at 1st I tak perasan..slide tu..but then time tgh dok kat kedai dorothy perkins tu..tetiba dengar orang jerit........macam best jer kan.......


Wahh, sudah try kah??...Seriosu tak menakutkan??...Harus cuba juga... Konon2 nk tggu lagi 2,3 bulan tgk bend alah tuh btol2 selamat ke tak.. hahaha..Since u dah try n kata best, boleh la cuba nanti!!!