Friday, March 6, 2009

Chop Chop!

Hmm, few weeks ago we had our luncheon at Alexis Garden.But what can I say, I love the pasta.Yups delicious with "hailam"style.

And the main" reason" we went to chop my hair!!Yippie. First attempt okay.Tgklah lepas ni kalau berani buatlerr gaya POsh.
Anyway, I got this comment/msg from a person who named herself as Ms Loca:
" Fadd, ada ternampak you kat Subang Parade.U pakai pakaian mcm nak ke gym. Boleh share tak mcm mana u ada 6 packs tu? Takpun share cara paling senang nk ada line kt perut tu.I bukan nak perut kempis je tapi yg ada line mcm U.Hope to hear from you."

I was like.WHAT??6 packs?R u kidding me darling?MUAHAHAHA. But hey, thanks! I dont have any secrets tho, but I hope this will help you later :
1. Mm..I dont have any babies grow inside my tummy yet so of course there s no reason for me to have a tummy fat!
2.Im young(fuhh suka ayat ni, MUAHAHA) and only 26 years old so of course, I wont have those fat yet, right?
3.Eating right.This is the MUST!
4.Do pushups and core training. It's tiring but u will love the result.No Equipment for core strength exercises.Body weight exercises are very effective for developing core strength.Best thing- tak payah ke gym pun takpe, buat je kt rumah.

Hold it..say, 1-2 mins for few sets.And when you are ready to challenge yourself more, increase to 5-10 mins.Hold.
I love doing all this.Of course, you need to work it out! There's no other "cheat"or easy way dear to have those line.

Repeat for a total of 20 repetitions

Hold for 20 to 60 seconds. Do three sets of 15 to 20 repetitions

5.Work your abs babe!Do more crunches.I love ball crunches. Say 3 times a week?U can do at home.Even at night! you to tone your body.To build strength , you have to hold the postures longer and longer ...Then you will see the result.

I hope this will help you. Please bear in mind that you need to do it regularly. By doing it constantly, who knows you will get those "bikini body":p, Insya-Allah.
And tak payah ke gym to do all the exercises.Kt rumah pun boleh buat.
Well, pepatah Melayu ada kata " Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih "

p.s: Please ask Somebody who is qualified to supervise you, mana la tau terinjured ke kan.But then again, Im sharing ape yg I buat :-)


Anonymous said...

hey. good tips!

u ada diet yg boleh share tak.. ?

shoe-addict-mom said...

nice haircut sis!

dialicious said...

wah..rajinnyer u workout fad..i tersemangat plak bile dgr u rajin camni..hehe..dulu2 je i rajin workout at the gym..i love the bodypump class!tp skang..i rela diet je..hahaha..camne the girl bleh nampak line kat perut u ek?terer2.nway,love ur new bob hair!sikit lg nak mcm posh tu..huhuhu

leeneel said...

babe...i baru perasan u potong rambuttt!!! comel!!

liza said...

u look cute with your new hair fad... :)

jetsetter said...

Hi ppl,
Will blog abt it later!

Thanks sis.
Hard work sikit la kan.Nampak line ke?ntah I kan pakai work-out bra tu ngn suar pjg kdg2..hahaha.
ohh thanks darling :-)

Aida Narina said...

Hi there :)

Very useful tips!! Will refer to your blog whenever needed ;p

Thanks ^_^

p/s: nice hair cut! sophisticated and suits you well.

Ratih Sulastri said...

Nice hair fad! :)

The Mrs-Bride said...

hey GF!

cute hair cut... serious lama giler x jumpa u! nak jumpaaa.. nnt laa i pray2 so that we will bump into each other kat mana2 okeh.. u jgn x kenal i lak.. it has been yearsssss okeh!! hihhii.. anyhow, nnt i dah give birth.. u dtg visit tau!! *hugs*

p.s. wuts ur number? i lost the old number laa.. huhuhu..

BeLLaRieNa said...

kakak... u dah pot ram yek... cute nya, cam budak skolah la plak.. make me thinking to potong short gak... buang rambut2 rosak ni...

and about rahsia perut chantek cam u tuh... seriously u ada buat sume tuh ke... mak sujudddddd.... mak nak sit up 10 kali pon mengah... ermmm nak gak perut flat mcm kakak...waaaaaaaaaaaa

The Queen Bee said...

hey dear dah choppp!! i pun br chopped my hair just now. rasa ringan sket rambut. huhu

iloveme said...

aiyooo at from u...thanx kakak....i pun nak six pack mcm u...mesti bahagia kan...ehhh...tetiba plak lencongan di sittew yer.... btw ur hair...super hot okeh...more like amoi-amoi now lah....hehehhe

Anonymous said...

sis,nice haircut.suits u well.hehe..look younger n younger ;).anyway,how was the pasta with hailam style?cambesh je nk try ;)