Friday, March 13, 2009


Last night, as I was falling asleep, I had a weird dreams. Really weird. I was dreaming about this one tiny little boy who was not even my nephew at our both side. Even though I knew he was not my nephew, I feel deeply "related" to this boy. And yes, I knew this little boy.

At first he was busy playing with his toys, then he slowly looked directly at me, smiled, and said in his sweet voice:

"Im here to play with you!"
"main ape?"
"hide & seek? I find youuu!"

I looked deeply into his eyes, so deeply that I was able to see beyond him.There was a bright white light and I felt pure, unconditional love pouring into me.

"Aunty, I want to play with you!"

I was startled.

OMG, he started to communicate! I still remember the only words he used to say
"aaa..Chaaaaa!!" everytime we were around him.

We continued to talk and play. I was thinking, I wonder should I call his name or not.
And yes I did.
To my surprise, I heard his respond.

"Yes..yes, Im here"
I was so happy playing with him. I was hoping the dream will not be ended because it was so wonderful. There was instant and deep bond between us.
Next morning, I've told my husband about my dreams.
"I mimpi pasal ******"
"I rasa u rindu dia kot"
Mmm.. izzit?
I guess I had always been kind of weird compared with other people, kan?

Nak tau sape budak laki tu?
Let it be mystery okay :-)
What have you been dreaming about lately?

p.s: Neeza, why dont u gimme ur address: YOU AE THE WINNER!

*big grin



mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

i was guessing the boy's name from the very first sentence i read ur blog...halfway baca ur entry i was already smiling ear to ear =)

The Queen Bee said...

haa i tau.. mesti anak munirah hareth kan? ehehe

neeza said...


cuppies4you said...

nak teka nak teka
adakah baby uzair anak k.nim + soki?

salzahari said...

x pernah mimpi arwah my eldest daughter but i do miss her once a sgt sedih,taktau nak buat camna sbb tak pernah besarkan pun.

neeza said...

i spelled it right..i menang la kan?ahahah

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...


Anonymous said...

im 1 of ur silent reader. yesterday, i saw u kt pizza hut with ur hubby. ye la, dh slalu baca blog u mmg teringin nk jumpa. bla jumpa sgan plak nk tegur. hehehheheheh..

jetsetter said...

Alaaaaaaaaaa..naper tak tegur!
ayyooo.Nway, lain kali eh kita jumpa!