Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Husband!

Dear Husband,
Your Birthday Is The Perfect Time
To Wish You Nothing Less
Than Favorite Memories, Plans And Dreams
That Bring You Happiness.
Yes.3 words for you baby!
p.s:I made those okaaay :p


shoe-addict-mom said...

happy birthday Mr. Fadd! ;)

dialicious said...

He's a chelsea fan huh?nice dessert..yummy bestnye..really u made them all?terernye!heheh

Ninie said...

happy bday to ur hubby babe!cantik nya cuppies itew!

BeLLaRieNa said...

terror nya kakak wat cute cuppycake sendir... nak order ley... mak nak design it with all designer handbag... vley?

neeza said...

fadh!!those cuppies are so cute n neat..bile nk start jual nih?

Pink Stilettos said...

wow seriously? u made those? i didn't know u bake. i mean, i rasa dulu u penah bitau u tak masak sgt (or was it someone else).
the 3rd pic looks yummy tho!!

btw, happy bday suami fadd! :)

Anonymous said...

nice cupcake. my hubby also fan of chelsea. r u really made those? pls share, wanna get it for my hubby too. huhu

Shmea said...

cantik nye cupcakes!!