Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wajah Baru

Dear readers,
So far, Kazim has been a good baby. He's been waking up at around the same time every morning or night and his feedings are predictable.Thank you so much sayang!On the other hand,
mumsy left for Dubai few days ago.So if you didn’t already know, my mum has been living here with us for over ..( oo..okay I cant remember now) taking care of us ,way before Kazim was born.And yes, she was the one who taking care of Kazim since he was born. She had to do all the cookings as well as entertaining the visitors ,also had to do my laundry(basuh panties&bras) ,cleaning the house.....bla bla..OK ENOUGH ABOUT THAT!Im not gonna say anything because I am so sad right now.Sigh.

But anyways,the good thing is, I know I’ll be seeing her soon but being manja+baby-me, ermm paham2 jelah.
OK,more updates on Kazim!
There was a day that Kazim was so adamant to stay awake throughout the day.Fuhhh..kalau tak tdo tp diam..ok jer, ni nak kena angkat..He will fall asleep in my arms quite instantly, but just as I decide to lay him in the cot, he will open his eyes. How cheeky is that. Pastu terpaksalah angkat letak..angkat letak sampai la Kazim penat...and he felt asleep.Tiba2 rasa nk beli sling :p.
There was a day I had to wear baby bjorn in the house!!Gerrrraaaaaaaaaaam.The thing is, he's growing really fast and heavy too! And to cuddle him all the time.. penatt babe.Or maybe my muscles are weak to hold him..ermm either one.

However, I love being a mom,no doubt!
Btw,this is what I wake up to every morning but this photos taken on the day we shaved his head. At first, we wanted to shave after the Aqiqah Ceremony(which we're still trying to find suitable date..hmm SOON babeh!!) tapi mcm lama sgt la pulak nak tunggu kalau tak cukur sekarang.Nak taknak kami cukur jelah.
"Good morning love..wakie, wakie!Did you have a nice sleep?" this is how I greet Kazim every morning.
This one, I told him about shaving his head...Tup2 dia lih pulak buat tgn mcm tu.
before shaving
Apeng/Aman did the shaving yesterday and he did it in stages:

1.First, cutting the hair very short.We preferably do it early in the day when Kazim is less likely to get upset , straight after he has woken and had a leisurely feed.
2.Once the hair is cut short,use razor to shave. It is necessary to constantly rinse the razor.

3.Apply some shaver cream..huhuhu thenApeng/Aman carefully does the shaving. Zasssssssssssssss~
Time ni Kazim dah mula bunyi2..pastu lama2 dah bunyi mcm siren bomba..haih!Moral of the story, kalau cukur hari ke-7 senang sikit, baby kecik lagi dah besar..dah pandai demand.
AND finally....
Presenting his new look :-)
after shaving
You know the saying "bald is beautiful!" And this always holds true when it's your baby..huhuhu.
I love his new do even though there has been numerous names that’s come up from Apeng/Aman since his new do ;Shoalin Soccer Star,Kung Fu baby....upin& ipin... baby rugrats and many more!

And now,will you excuse me, my lilttle bald guy is waiting for me :-)
Till next time!



Aini said...

Kazim is super cute.. dah pandai tengok camera and also, he chuckles... suka! suka!

And as for the clingy part.. enjoy it while it still last.. coz, the moment dia dah besar.. langsung dah tak nak di pegang lak nanti :p.

Lea Shmea said...

wow terernya your husband cukur kepala kazim! so licin! hehe. i love that pic yang kazim buat pose mcm.. oh nooo! don't touch my hair mommy! hehehe. so adorable. :)

zahra said...

Makin comel jerr botak. Baby mmg cute bila botak ehehehehehe

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

alololooo.. me likeyyy! masa kitorg cukur botak our Adzryl pun, i love his new look. the head very licin n putih giler. heeeee. comel! nnt aunty nak jumpa kazim masa botak yer.. mwah mwah! :)

rizqaisya said...

Kazim is even cuter when he is bald... :)

mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

sgt shantek kepala die! luv the new look