Tuesday, June 29, 2010

8 months

My boy is 8 months.So fast, huh.Where does the time go?
Some updates:
  • He loves to grab and shake things..and also throw things...
  • Kazim can sit on his own for quite a while but not able to pull himself up into a sitting position on his own.
  • His hair is starting to grow a bit thicker
  • Kazim definitely wants his mommy 24/7..dah mcm gam asyik melekat especially malam.
other than that, Kazim suka main sembur2..eeeeeeeeeeeeee...geram!

Happy for you sayang!
Blog again later!


..she's s0 e!Ra.. said...

Kazim ni hensem lah!

CikChelsea said...

he's definitely a big boy now. siap dh pandai call makcik dia nih. boleh plak "hik hik hikkk..." dia gelak

sabar je! =D

Drama Mama said...

he looks so different now compared to te first time i saw him in this blog. sangat macho da skang...cheeky dah eh. enjoy their baby moments, time flies so fast nanti sure rindu!


DaZzlingLilLy said...

encem boy!..pipi mcm epal...comel sgt

NatYazmie said...

Kazim is simply divine! You're such a lucky parents... :D