Monday, June 28, 2010

Kazim's First Trip to Mr.Sponge Bob

Aaarghhh..finally! We reached Los Angeles around 4pm. On the flight from Taipei to Los Angeles, Kazim was good. Myself?Well..not so bad!The trick is, I get plenty of rest a night before. A good sleep not only allows me to keep Kazim entertained, it also allows me to stay alert during on board.Alhamdulillah everything turned out so well.The main thing to remember about traveling with baby is to relax, be patient and ENJOY!Tell you, it will likely go much better than you are anticipating!!When it comes to my little man-- Kazim, I don't need a bag full of toys to keep him happy,I gave him books, magazines,spoons..or anything in the flight will do.

Nothing much after that. pergi hotel pastu check in. siap2 sbb nk kuar dinner. malang sekali masa kami kuar kedai tutup so balik bilik kami pon mkn maggie. Kazim sampai2 je terus takda jet lag langsung. My husband..of course penat sbb kerja and me? Ermm..penat. dan lapar sbb tak mkn proper ....rasa nak baring and tdo terus pon ader! Tapi kami sempat singgah Thrifty Car Rental sbb nak sewa kereta.Ohh.. balik hotel aper lagi, mandi pastu layan citer2 kat TV. Kami pon tdo dengan tak nyenyak sbb yours truly jet lag.

Overall I was satisfied with the hotel, the beds are the heavenly beds they advertise which are comfortable with down pillows and comforter.Thank you so much!
Next day, woke up at 630am sbb Kazim kejut.I mcm..wahh time kat Msia pon bangun 630am jugak..kt sana pon sama ? Adoii..mata mcm berat sgt tp mata Kazim dah bersinar2. nak taknak I pon terus la mandi manda pastu siapkan Kazim, bagi makanan dia sambil layan TV lg sekali. Dlm kul 9am kami keluar sbb nak gi lagi sekali malang food yg kami cari takda! Pastu kami pon gi TARGET. Wahhh part ni paling best sbb I LOVE TARGET..mcm2 ada. Mata berpinar tgk food kat situ.Rasa camm semua nak beli. Yups, bought Milk Choc and fruits and sikit2 food Kazim.

Next stop, we decided to visit Camarillo Factory Outlets. We left TARGET approximately around 11am so that we could get there by 12pm. Kazim was asleep throughout the journey *big grin*. Masa kami gi ni, sales baru je habis tapi ada la 2-3 tempat yang masih ada sales ni. Our first stop was at Coach since I got so many orders from here!Each bag came out to about USD180-380 (masa kami gi ni, 3.3) after discount and sale tax .Tgk design mcm mana kan.Ader jugak yg discount sikit... Then, we moved to Polo Ralph Lauren, Oshkosh, Carters and many more!

See behind me, UGG boots store???Ohh..I bought my UGG boot at Oz..and YES much more cheaper than USA even though they have sales!
We had lunch at their food court.Both of us settled for Salmon Rice cost nearly USD30. By the time I was done picking and paid for my 'ALL SHOPPING ITEMS", it was already 8pm. They close at 9pm Mon-Friday and at 8pm during weekends. That was fast. Time passes real fast when you are having fun, in my case … having fun in shopping.Retaily therapy kan...! Tapi..bila tgk2 balik none of the things my barang..huhuhu..sbb I was so excited nak gi Universal Studios daripada shopping. In life kita kena pilih mana satu kita nak kan.. shopping or Universal Studios..MMG terang2 la haku pilih UNIVERSAL STUDIOS or DISNEYLAND! Kalau ikut hati mmg la nak 2-2 tp..apekan daya.

Harapan menggunung nak gi Walk Of Fame berkecai habis hari tu sbb satu hari suntuk kat situ.
Nak singgah TARGET pon sampai lupa dah. Kami sampai hotel pastu tgk TV sampai tertido.Kazim mmg elok jer, time org sana tdo, dia tdo, org sana bangun dia bangun. Mata kami la ..mcm PANDA dah rasanya.

Okay, itu saja, more on Universal Studios later.

p.s; Lia n Chom, FM aderr.. cost dlm RM25-30 *smile* Nora,Ohh wristlets RM150.


:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

babeeeeeee...rugi tak shop skali for urself! bile lagie nak dapat opportunity tue!
n owh did u managed to go to Desert Hills Premium Outlet??!?!?
thats the best!!!

fatin said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiii.. saya ngaku sgt lah jelesssss... nnt we do family trip together nak..???
nak laa...


dialicious said...

wah bestnyeee g US..sempat lagi tu did u bring baby pram there?oh yeah..i love TARGET too!!