Thursday, June 17, 2010

For the Rest Of My Life

My love,

Today is 17th June.
Happy 4th Anniversary!
Words cannot describe how happy I am right now.My happiness is beyond EVERYTHING that
I've imagined!
I did love you
I do love you
AND I will always love you.
I love you from the bottom of my heart( ecehh mcm tajuk lagu Britney Spears pulak.)
Listen to this song
Oopss it should be the other way around.You yang patut dedicate I lagu ni..aperrdaa!



a.m.a.l.l.e.a said...

happy anniersary fadd.lagu ni touching gile even first time aku dengar.huhu

n33za said...

happy anniversary to both of u!

sara ahmad said...

hey.. happy anniversary dear.. congrats.. 4 years, huh?? :))

haneem said...

happy anniversary babe!!!!!!!!! gua tabik sama lu!

Hana' Yusuff said...

happy anniversary fadh and apeng:)

blackrimmedyaris said...

Haaapppyyy for you!!
eh suka la lagu ni,
ha dah ade idea dah utk wedding hhaha

blackrimmedyaris said...

Haappppy for you!!
eh suka lah lagu ni,
ok dah ade idea dah utk wedding hahah

atulhani said...

happy anniversary.. sorry lmbt wish.. hmm btw, thanks for sharing lagu tu. terus jatuh cinta dgn lagu tu..