Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Japanese Food ..JOGOYA!

Dear readers,
As I promised, we went to Jogoya Japanese Buffet at Starhill on 2nd February before I left for Kuching, Sarawak. I need to satisfy my cravings for a good Japanese foods! And yes, we had so much food, the sashimi and oysters were so fresh and yummy.Went there for lunch buffet during weekdays.Price? RM78++ and RM19.90++ for a second diner :-)

Steam Clam..hmm a boringggg choice, I dont fancy this one actually :p BUT since it's a buffet..layannn~So as usual Kazim needs his naps during the day, so I put him in his stroller and let him dozed off by himself and only woke up when needed such as feeding time,nappy time and yes.. play time. Nasibla tak cranky ke aperr..He was so baik ..sampai I really enjoyed my food.. ..thanks Kazim!!Ermm what else?I love all food.Period.

Sushi it!Kdg2 sampai tak termakan semua ni sbb bnyk sgt. Tp suka prawn with salted eggs...sedappnyaaaaaa~
Since Kazim was awake, we took loads and loads of pictures of him and of course, his Mommy pon mesti ada dlm ini gambar!

my husband tried to be creative.nice huh..

Like I said..I fancy this one!And I dunno what type of kelapa this one....sedapp je air takyah letak gula pon dah sedap.Kami minum air ni camm..bnyk biji sgt.

Food mmg variety..nak tulis pon mcm2 ..BUT kalau nk compare.. I love steam fish esp Cod Fish at Tenji more. Kat Jogoya cara masak dia camm soy sauce tu jer, very simple tapi kalau kt Tenji ada ala2 Thai sikit, rasa pun camm lg sedap ( OK ni taste masing2 ).Ada la benda2 yg kat Jogoya best and kat tempat lain takda pula. Hari tu gi Tenji Unagi takda:p( tatau la kalau dah habis kan).
Ni one of the counter nak order,just letak silvery little clips kt bowl , it is a special way to order your food then they will send the food to our table.
Yummy!Another one ada New Zealand Ice cream..Green tea ice cream is a must for us!
Kuih ni biasa je tp sbb cantik so amik gambar :p..Dessert, ada mcm2- waffle, pudding, tarts,cookies,mash mellows,cakes,scones...and many more!

Unagi & Unagi Roll
I apologize that the pictures are not great and some are missing. It's only because they were good( and we were so hungry) that we went straight digging into the food without remembering to take a snap or two of it.
We parked our car at Pavilion ( ok itu alasan sbb saya nak jln2 Pavilion juger.)All sudden, I saw Hanis .We bumped into each other..ermm hebat sungguh ibu pantang itu, tak nampak org berpantang langsung..I'm afraid I have nothing else exciting to write about except..ermm we lepak at the coffee bean like we used to do before :-) je sbb Kazim mcm OK sgt that day.Mcm boleh je pergi lagi ..kan kan :p

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Xin Nian Kuai Le peeps!Now I have something to look forward to. And I have to prepare for it.Insya'Allah.
Overall..we definitely coming back to Jogoya :-)....when?? time plss:p

Our lil one getting bigger everyday...and presenting my BFF..both of 'em!

Okay quick updates on Kazim ;He's growing up really fast, just like what most people say. He's also getting a lil bit noisy with all the oohs and aahs.Other than that...ermm ohh ya..will go and see his paed this month for Rotavirus.

Oklah..Im off to Lala Land , next-my birthday getaway!


mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

ahh teringat lepak kt coffee bean pavillion dgn uols. pastu gi makan ribs kt tony romas. heaven!

jetsetter said...

kannn time flies.masa tu i anak2 kecik lg kan..Uzair pulak OK je ngn Apeng :-)
OMG I miss U larr..Eh u dah jd mam kann???

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

our fac place :) nnt kita p skali <3