Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kuching...Kisah 2

Dear readers,
Hows your long weekends? Mine?It was great! We had a lil surprised party for Leen's belated birthday( I hope you like the gift....!and thanks to Leen's bestie-Aima sbb dtg!) and of course,Chinese New Year celebration at our place. We prepared ang pow or red pocket money-'lucky money' for kids who came to our place on 13th Feb and 14th Feb.We also served some foods...and Yee Sang :-) plan to Jakarta ..hmm has been cancel...patutnya today me& Kazim ke Jakarta tetapi disebabkan kesulitan yang tidak dapat dielakkan, maka trip itu terpaksa la ditangguhkan.

Ok back to Kuching trip.
It was my birthday!!!
As usual, Kazim woke up around 630am. It was so nice to not have to rush in the morning for making a breakfast.Boleh relax-relax..golek2 ngn Kazim dan Apeng/Aman lama2 sbb tau ada breakfast buffet.Pastu takyah pk nak makan aper sbb makanan dah sedia.Heaven!
The weather was perfect( although it was raining in the morning tp kejap jer,habis je kami breakfast hujan pon benti) Food ..ermm..nothing so special..just..err common?!

So we settled for breakfast around 10am. Apeng/Aman asked me whether to extant our stay at the resort or not.BUT since we wanted to try out the famous Satay Prawn at Road Rock Seafood (and it is near to the town) We packed our stuffs and ready to check out.

Masa nk check out tu Apeng sempat tanya pasal Sarawak Cultural happened the place is just nearby!!! And yes, we bought the tix ;RM55 per person (patutnya RM60 yg dia tulis tp kami beli kat tour agency Damai, jadi mereka bagi discount sikit).I always wanted to go to Bako National Park BUT since Kazim is still small and February is a monsoon season,the visit will be next time!

swimming poolDamai beach..mmg mendamaikan. Ok ini acara gedik2 bersama Kazim...Mcm bonzer pon ada gakk kan :p

Kazim, jgn lerr garang sgt :p

This place dah dekat Gunung Santubong..haihh merasa la tgk jugak akhirnya! Selama ni dgr lagu je.It is a a legend about two beautiful princesses, Santubong & Sejinjang who got into quarrel and started to fight..

After the gedik photo session ..Kazim fell asleep( afternoon nap)... I was..hmm sleepy too! It was hot BUT windy. Okeh there you go again! More on our visit to Sarawak Cultural Village later.




Deqna said...

hi.. blog walking :)

nice blog. suka baca, byk citer jalan2..

suka tgk hot mummy yg cantik ini:)

Mrs. Amie said...

sronoknya Kazim jalan2...hik :)

yaNa MaLeK said...

dear,kazim sangat comel ok time tido tu..hehhehe and ur 1 hot mama..

Drama Mama said...

ok kazim...u succeed in scaring me off. nope i won't dare to mess with ur mommy, no! haha

Lea Shmea said...

awww pic yg last tu sweet sgt! kazim sleeping on your chest. love it! :)