Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aktiviti masa lapang,jom Jungle Gym:-)

Nothing much, just wanna update on Kazim. He really enjoyed the Jungle Gym( situated in Bangsar Shopping Centre, 4th floor) the best thing is, it is free admission for child below 2 years..yippieeee~(those above 2 years the charge is RM22 on weekdays and RM28 on weekends) It's a huge relief to let him climb to his heart's content without worrying he'll crack his head..There are so many things for my son to play with and plenty of other children for him to learn from. it's a err..not -so- big enclosed space
( that's why I chose to come here since my son is still small), nice mix of people and ages and it's a refuge from bad weather.So my son can play safely!Also,it is a safe and friendly environment that is hygienic and has great staff.did i just say err.. Kazim enjoying it or yours truly?:p.

Honestly..the surrounding...the people...and i gotta be honest again, saper tak suka benda free kann?*smile*.
Tempat ni tak la besar giller mcm Mega kidz tu tapi dah cukup bagus untuk Kazim sbb dia pon kecik lagi. aper2 pon at last dia gi main balls yg kalerful tu jugak. Benda tu jugak yg paling dia suka:-) Pastu bila tempat tempat tak besar mana, nak monitor pon senang.

Kazim and Mika had really fun together!
So, if anybody wanna join us to Jungle Gym, text me!
JOM! :-)




Fadd, im going this weekend!!!.. Btol tu, siapa taks uka yg Free kan...Thanks for the info's babe!!

ummi said...

tq!tq!!u just gave me an idea where to play wif my little one!!yippieee!!!

blackrimmedyaris said...

Macam mak dia je yg enjoyed. Haha !
Looking good, babe.