Friday, February 18, 2011

A great Partner:-)

Dear readers,
THE FIRST EVER WEDDING attended by me and Kazim without Apeng* smile*( Kazim, Mommy wanna thanks you for being such a great partner!) Everybody thinks I wont be able to enjoy myself because I'll be running after him all night!YES, mmg penat tp..I really enjoyed meeting all the girls.

2 weeks earlier,Sara told me about the wedding, the VENUE ( DEwan SUK,Shah Alam-- Hmm dekat je ..ok je nak drive without husband), the TIME( 8pm-10.30pm err..malam? Hmm, first time gi wedding malam2 without husband tp..boleh kot), and quite FORMAL ( ada seating list, ..ermm..sesuai ke bawak anakku yg tak duk diam ni? Kang masa org speech mesti Kazim nak "membuaskan" diri)
I politely let her know, I couldnt make it. Haihh tp Sara kata, boleh bawak budak asalkan you can handle him bla bla bla.. ..emm ayat paling senang sendiri mau ingat la kan:-), Anak sendiri, jaga sendiri laaa!

So I went*smile* Masa dalam kereta, I told Kazim pasal wedding tu, saper nak jumpa..bla2
( Communication is the key!) Masa org speech, kena la bawak Kazim kuar sbb dia nak berjalan2. Ni kan seated wedding, takkan nak berjalan dalam tu kan? So, mmg haku kuar-masuk-kuar-masuk. Teman Kazim jalan sana sini. BUT, I really had fun, not only attending the wedding itself but the whole idea of bringing Kazim.WHY? Because he taught me PATIENCE ! He taught me to accept him as who he is and what I know about him. Kadang-kadang, instead of accepting, we go into denial, make all the excuses for our child and constantly question his/her nature. KENAPA ANAKKU BUAS TAK MCM ANAK ORG LAIN! KENAPA ? KENAPA?Now, I always remind myself HOW WONDERFUL he is,rather than see him as a difficult son. He is a little human, he needs our guide kan?So here I am, to guide him. So you pon tak stress bila g wedding or ke mana2:-)
me and Nina
the girls
Sara and me:-)

Again, congrats to Shah&DEbby for the wonderful wedding! It is not only a PERFECT WEDDING NIGHT also the strengh of love between 2 people, can make everynight,everyday PERFECT!Yes, like our love- mother and son..:-)


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yaya said...

happy belated birthday fadd, such a great entry as a guide for me in future:)