Friday, February 4, 2011

sweet 17 forever?Hm...I wish!!!

Dear readers,
Today is my birthday* smile* .Hmm.. now I started to realize, I hate to celebrate my birthday since I know Im not gonna turn sweet 17 anymore:p. Gosh, time flies and Im 28 years old now?R u kidding me? Another 2 years Ill be 30? Meaning, Im in the late 20's now?Wow!

But anyways, I received an early birthday gift from a good friend of mine, Haneem :-) I know it was a lot of effort from you to get it and post it to me.So yeah, I really love it!( cant stop smiling:-..*wink*)Thank you, thank you thank you!

Lastly,I wish everything that we plan will turns out well.Also, I wish the year of Rabbit will brings more happiness, prosperous and health to me and our family.
Nanti I update aper I buat on my birthday ok:-)



Anonymous said...

happy 28th birthday fadd!


Dr.Senbe said...

happy birthday k.fadd =))
age is but a number. you still look 17 pon (haha kipas2 skit time birthday =p)

mamasuri said...

happy besday!!!

NHCH said...

Happy Birthday Dear (",)

Anonymous said...

happy belated bday sis!

p/s:agree with dr senbe.u still look younger than your worries =)

haneem said...

Babe! Happy birthday! Hope u love the prezzie!