Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Puan Dieah's Baby Shower :-)

Hi readers,
How are you!

OMG, this one soo basi sbb Dieah dah beranak pon. I went to a fun baby shower. It was well-organized by D's BFFs.Good job girls. What else to say?

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store, Jln Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur

Now let's go the decor :-)

OOps..ni bukan decornyeee ye
They put a nice banner, balloons and cutouts...
Cute party favor.D's Bffs prepared all the door gifts! Bravo la girls!

Oh, and she is pregnant too! Yeaaayy..wooohoooo..cant wait for August baby:-)I sometimes miss the feeling of 'little caliph' inside my tummy and the anticipation of him/her arrival..wohhoooo ..BEST!

She received so many beautiful gifts.

Activity aper masa baby shower?
Huh..bnyk! Borak2 gelak2:p..dan ada GAMES! Yg sempat apeng main, ukur besar mana perut. Nasib teka betol kan. Clap! Clap! Lagi, kami shared our experience raising our babies, mcm mana breasfeed experience and so on.

Suka sgt org amik gambar dia tau si kecik ni..OO tiru mummy yerrr!

Si kecik ni pon semua org suka.Comel habis!

Overall, it was a wonderful baby shower. Again, congrats to Dieah on the birth of Nayli *smile*


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Diella Mustafa said...

bleh jd model magazine la pic no.1 + no.2 tu.cute gilerr..huhuhu